Montessori & Creative Learning

Montessori Work

Montessori Work

VINCI School classrooms look like half Montessori and half Reggio. We love the structure by Montessori. We equally value the creativity, collaboration and communication skills offered by a Reggio approach. Thus, we created “one- stone, two birds” pedagogy where time is shared between individual Montessori learning and group-based exploration.

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Exploring the Air Pressure

VINCI School’s Creative Learning is inspired by Reggio Emilia’s educational approach, and guided by Professor George E. Forman who is the co-author of the book “The One Hundred Languages of Children”, which introduced the Reggio Emilia philosophy to North America.

For preschool children, the creative learning means exploration with a purpose, such as understanding sink or float. Each week, a creative learning center is assigned for sensory experience and concept learning. Children enjoy water center, safari, kitchen, dress-up, and interactive technology.

For elementary students, the creative projects come in many faces and forms. It may be the Genius Hour each week, where students create their own projects and go through steps such as research and implement. It can be the monthly field trips such as going to a local artisan bakery to understand how businesses are made. But most often, it’s simply fun exploration in science, engineering, robotics, or coding to make their favorite characters to go silly!