Proficiency in mathematics is a strong predictor of positive outcomes for young adults, influencing
their ability to participate in post-secondary education and their expected future earnings.

—–OECD Organization for Economic Co-Operation and Development

Math example 2Many parents consider counting and adding/subtracting as major math activities for young children. In fact, mathematical learning should be more focused on logic, reasoning and problem solving. Children have great memories. But the fact they remembered the formula may not mean they can follow a logic path to solve problems. Math example K

The latest US Common Core math standards, are aligned to internationally benchmarked standards such as Singapore Math. A large portion of the Standards are dedicated to Reasoning, Statistics and Problem Solving.
VINCI School uses US Common Core math standards, utilizing the content of Singapore Math and Stanford EPGY Math programs.

Areas of Focus

– Counting and counting strategies (K, G1)
– Operations & Algebraic Thinking (G1 and up)
– Number & Operations in Base 10
– Geometry & Spatial Reasoning (K and up)
– Data & Statistical Analysis (K and up)

Annual Event

All students grade 1 and up participate to Kangaroo Math competition