Fun learning the physics of waves

Fun learning the physics of waves

Children are born scientists.  We capitalize on this natural curiosity by guiding and encouraging students to work collaboratively and creatively to solve problems, make and extend meaning, develop and test new ideas and learn about the world around them.

The only school in the area with a full science curriculum for elementary, VINCI School follows the Next Generation Science framework, as outlined by the National Science Foundation. Through hands-on daily activities, children’s curiosity is not only sustained, but also nurtured by teachers who are focused on inviting children to inquire and question.

Life Science

How Plants Grow

Areas of Science Studies:

  • Physical Science: Forces, Motions, Sound Waves, Electrical Circuits, Materials and their Characteristics
  • Space Science: Earth, Rocks & Minerals, Moon Phases, Planets & Outer Space
  • Life Science: Animals, Plants, Environmental Studies, Microbiology


If Science as a subject is to explore and to understand concepts, Engineering is for the purpose of utilizing the scientific knowledge and applying it to the real world.

From Kindergarten and above, students put their hands on BUILDING things, from structures such as bridges to solar-powered cars. Each student works on realizing 3 projects for each school year.

Making a battery Small

Making a Battery Circuit