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Engineering Project

” Emma was just assessed by her new school due to her birth date which is after the cut-off. She  wouldn’t normally be on Grade 1 but was recognized as a year or two ahead for Math and Reading. It’s hard to believe that two years ago when Emma started at VINCI for PreK, she was barely recognizing her own name! Thank you, VINCI!”  – by Emma’s Dad

Kindergarten is a stepping stone into a school life with more focus on the academics. Leveraging Montessori pedagogy, VINCI School Senior CASA class offers a safe and comfy environment with embedded structure to prepare students ready for kindergarten or higher grades in following areas:

  • Social-emotional skills
  • Self-care and work habits
  • Interest in Math, Reading, Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts.

Montessori Setting


Learning Numbers With Shells

Students are offered a Montessori-like setting, which is characterized by Freedom of Movement (within the limits), Guided Choices, and Meticulously Arranged Montessori Activities & Materials.

Creative Learning

Beyond Montessori 3-period Lessons, specific time periods are allocated for collaborative learning, with the emphasis on expression and reflection. Story-telling, open-ended inquiries, and presentation of ideas encourage students to become confident and independent.

Personalized Experience

Each student receives one-on-one lesson by the Lead Teacher who is trained for VINCI Blended Learning which combines Montessori with the creative learning, supported by our in-house developed personalized learning management tool.

Light-n-Shadow small

Light-n-Shadow: Story of a Duck Family


Students love every Friday which is the Science Day. They make progress rapidly in Math and Reading leveraging Montessori learning as well as digital books and games.

About 50% of VINCI PreK graduates are reading. They can calculate basic addition and subtraction within 10, and have a wealth of scientific knowledge.

VINCI PreK graduates are visible in their new schools. They are the most confident and often ask lots of questions when it comes to scientific inquiries.