VINCI School’s Mission is to Maximize EACH Child’s Potential. We implement our Mission into the practice by doing the following:

1) Blending the world’s best educational practices with a Child-Centered approach;
2) Supporting each child’s interest positively, with a hands-on, material-rich, and inquisitive learning environment which is prepared beautifully;
3) Working with families as a team through daily dialog and collaborative planning;
4) Implementing the latest research results, resources and technology tools which foster curiosity, self-regulation and life-long learning skills
5) Continuously improving our programs and processes via reflective thinking and professional development.
6) Designing a daily schedule which enables both teacher-led and child-led activities, using STEM and Art in parallel to literacy to invite children’s interest and excitement.

Child-Centered Approachenrich-home-2

Each child is different. A child who is loved and respected, who is always presented with choices, who is listened to, who is treated fairly will become a loving, respectful, responsible and fair listener and successful adult.

Skills Versus Knowledge

We cater to children who are intellectually curious,and to families who want more than a traditional way of learning which emphasizes on the content, the knowledge and the memorization. We believe that in the 21st Century, skills last life-long while knowledge needs to be renewed constantly. As much as our children still need to learn letter sounds or multiplication table, they learn it through comparative analysis and through real-life connected problem-solving, instead of repeated hard and boring exercises.

Personalized Learning Planning

Each week, teachers evaluate each child’s progress according to their skills. Parents gain full visibility into their child’s everyday life. Children are taught according to their skill levels rather than according to their age groups.
Each quarter, teachers and families review their children’s progress, and set goals for the next term. Planning ahead, we minimize the uncertainty in order to keep children on the path to excel!


Children who are good at Math or who have a strong scientific thinking aren’t born with it. Early and consistent exposure, fun exploratory activities, support from teachers who are passionate about Math, Technology, Engineering and Science, and an award-winning STEM infused curriculum are VINCI School’s recipe to make children’s journey not only exciting, but also fruitful!