VINCI Kindergarten Graduates Read and Calculate, Mostly One Grade Ahead!

Award-Winning Curriculum. Hands-on & Personalized Learning.

Blending Montessori, STEM and Creative Learning, VINCI School cares and educates Infant, Toddler, Preschool, Kindergarten and Elementary students, one child at a time, with an unprecedented and precise targeting, thanks to our home-grown technology platform and literacy content.

Early Learning and Elementary Accredited

VINCI Infant Programm

VINCI Infant Care & Learning Program adheres to recommendations by American Association of Pediatrics for safe sleep and care.

Additionally, we incorporate daily Sensory and Motor exercises to optimize brain development in the early months of a baby's life.

VINCI Toddler Programm

VINCI Toddler Program is designed using a combination of Montessori materials and Reggio learning centers, framed in a 4-step pedagogy that’s unique to VINCI School.

Always putting safety as the top priority, VINCI highly trained toddler teachers engage students in developing their language, logical and fine motor skills while fostering their independence through potty training, self-care and guided choices

VINCI School Kindergarten Program

Kindergarten is a stepping stone into a school life which will focus more on the academics. Utilizing a blend of Montessori and creative methods, VINCI School Kindergarten program offers a safe and comfy environment with embedded structure to prepare students in following areas:

- Social-emotional skills - Self-care and work habits - Interest in Math, Reading, Science, Technology, Engineering and Arts.

VINCI Elementary Programm

VINCI School Elementary program offers a Hands-on and Personalized Learning experience to students who are typically talented and who enjoys a more tactile, material rich environment.

VINCI School Elementary classrooms offer a well-prepared environment, utilizing a blended pedagogy incorporating the time-proven Montessori in combination with our unique STEM program which is project-based.