Welcome to the exciting world of the Mandarin Language Immersion Program at VINCI School, where your child can learn Mandarin Chinese and explore a fascinating new culture!

In this program, your child will have the opportunity to learn Mandarin from experienced teachers who will guide them through a fun and blended curriculum, where we continue to emphasize on one-on-one interaction. They'll learn how to read, write, listen, and speak Mandarin during a specific, daily Mandarin Literacy period.

But that's not all! Your child will also have the chance to learn Math using hands-on Montessori materials for 5 hours a week. Science, and Social Studies in Mandarin Chinese are each allocated one hour weekly.

Imagine them learning about numbers, experiments, and history in a whole new language! They'll be amazed at how quickly they'll pick up new skills while also improving their Mandarin proficiency.

So why not give your child the gift of a lifetime and enroll them in the Mandarin Language Immersion elementary program at VINCI School? Let's embark on a thrilling adventure together!

Areas of Studies:

  • Read & Write in Mandarin (Simplified)
  • Knowledge Base of the Chinese Culture
  • Science, Math and Social Studies in Mandarin